Gerson solulu tertiary scholarships

"long anutu yumi bilip na kisim save"

Please strictly adhere to the following guidelines;



 1.    MPG Scholarship Committee calls for Scholarship Expression Applications for Academic Year 2018.  The applications will be  submitted online through the following website: and follow the instructions. All applications will be online through the website. You are required to only submit one application per person.  NO MANUAL APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. ALL MANUAL APPLICATIONS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AUTOMATICALLY. 

 2.    The Online Application opens on the 1st of December 2017 and closes on the 27th of February 2018 close of business. 

 3.    The 2018 MPG Scholarship shall be K4million and that expenditure procurement shall be within the K4million reach;  

 4.    MPG Scholarship is not a right, it is a privilege; 

  1. The 2017 scholarships for new enrolment under the amended guidelines will focus in the field of studies in Health, Education, and Engineering which are in line with the current government priorities; 
  1. The following guidelines apply to the MPG Scholarship:


i.          MPG Scholarship will not consider unstructured courses and other private run institutions other than School of Nursing/ CHW and Teacher Colleges; 

ii.         MPG Scholarship will run 50/50 arrangement with the nine Districts who are running their District Scholarships. For instance if Kabwum District has 50 students MPG will pick up 25 students who meets our criteria; 

iii.        The students who have been given the National Scholarship under the TESAS (AES & HECAS) Program will not be considered under the MPG Tertiary Scholarship program; 

iv.        The cutoff grade 12 year for non-school leaver to be considered for the scholarship will be 2 years after they have completed Gr12 in one of the Morobe Secondary Schools or the National High Schools. That means to be eligible for scholarship in 2017 the student would have completed Gr12 in 2015; 

v.         The eligible student will express interest online on application form provided. The college that accepts the student enrolment will submit names of eligible students to the Scholarship Management for prescreening. If, they pass the prescreening process, they will be notified for an interview, if they pass the interview then final selection and granting of scholarship with a bonding arrangement; 

vi.         A student must pass the required entry test and be given an enrolment space by an approved institution before he or she can be considered for a sponsorship; 

vii.        A continuing student must obtain an average GPA Grade of 2 or average grades of C+ and above to be continued under the scholarship program. That means a student sponsored under the program and obtain D grades or below will not be considered for continuation of the scholarship; 

viii.       A student sponsored under a different program in the previous year and fails is not eligible; 

ix.        A student who is on another scholarship is not eligible; 

x.         The MPG Tertiary Scholarship Program is only available to undergraduate studies; 

xi.         The scholarship assistance does not cover the book allowances, SRC Fees and return fares for a student and any other associated cost; 

xii.        A student must have either biological parents from Morobe, or one biological parent from Morobe; 

xiii.       The student has last attended Grade 12 in a Secondary School in Morobe Province; 

xiv.       In the case of students from Wawin, Aiyura, Sogeri, Kerevat and Passam National High Schools, the student must have last attended Grade 10 at a Provincial High School in Morobe Province; 

xv.        The Students records must show a Local Council area and a home village in Morobe Province; 

xvi.       The students must provide proof of identification at the interview, in the form of two picture ID and two written references. The written references must be stamped or authenticated by the author; 

xvii.       The students must provide copies of Birth Certificate, Gr10 and Gr12 Certificates all certified to be true copy of the originals at the interview; 

xviii.      The student must be accompanied by their biological parents or their authorized guardian at the interview;


7.    The following in country tertiary institutions are endorsed for the Scholarship Program: 

i.           Morobe;

PNG University of Technology, Lae School of Nursing, Braun CHW Training School, Balob Teachers College,

National Polytechnic Institute, Timber College Lae 

ii.          Madang;

Lutheran School of Nursing, Divine Word University, Madang Teachers College 

iii.         East Sepik;

St Benedicts Teachers College, 

iv.         Port Moresby;

UPNG Science Faculty and UPNG, Taurama Medical School, 

v.          Eastern Highlands;   University of Goroka

vi.         East New Britian;   - Kokopo Business College, UNRE


Any queries can be directed to the Scholarships Manager on email on telephone 472 5256

Authorized by:


                                                                 MS. SHEILA PATI HAROU

                                                               Acting Provincial Administrator



i. Morobe

University of Technology,

Lae School of Nursing,  

Balob Teachers College, 

Poly Technical College,

Martin Luther Seminary 

ii. Madang

Lutheran School of Nursing, Divine Word University, 

Madang Teachers College 

iii. East Sepik

St Benedicts Teachers College

iv. Port Moresby

UPNG Science Faculty

UPNG Taurama Medical School,

Pacific Adventist Univeristy

Don Bosco

v.  Eastern Highlands: 

 University of Goroka

vi. West New Britian

UNRE (Vudal), 


Kokopo Business College

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